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Partner with The New York Times’ T Brand Studio to create a short series for Swiss watchmaker, Zenith featuring their newly signed brand ambassadors: Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mouratoglou
and Airi Hatakeyama. The challenge was to create sophisticated and cohesive documentary style stories with high profile talent spread across the world in the middle of a pandemic.


We utilized our network of trusted international crew, remote technology and built a very detailed creative treatment to ensure that all of our pieces followed a consistent look and tone. With safety as our number one priority, we also limited crew size to 2, and work methodically to keep maximum distance from our subject. We also filmed transitional elements and other b-roll in our Maryland studio.

For the Aaron Rodgers episode, our team followed strict guidelines and drove from Maryland to Wisconsin to film this piece ourselves. Patrick Mouratoglou was filmed in the South of France and Airi Hatakeyama was filmed in Tokyo. These shoots were directed by our team remotely.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Client: T Brand Studio

Garden Creative
Creative Director: Mike Ring
Director: Andrew Petrilla
Executive Producer: Kaylee King-Balentine
Producers: Paige Burger and Audrey Todd
Director of Photography: Daniel St. Ours (USA) Daniel Lazoff (Japan) Alexander Viollet (France)
Editors: Andrew Petrilla, Daniel St. Ours
Graphics: Scott Rinebold
Audio Mix: Clean Cuts

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