Mi Tocaya


  • Producing

  • Project Management

  • Writing/Concepting

  • Directing
  • Filming

  • Editing


Create a short documentary-style piece highlighting celebrity Chef Diana Davila, owner of Mi Tocaya in Chicago and her “Made It Moment” for Food and Wine magazine sponsored by HSBC.


This film was part of a branded content series highlighting success stories. We traveled to Chicago to film a day-in-the-life of Chef Diana. We focused on how food is such an integral part of her life, both at home and in the restaurant. We started at home, with an intimate moment cooking with her children then followed her to a neighborhood grocery store, where she chose her ingredients for the day, and then it’s off to her day at the restaurant from prep to closing.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Client: Foundry

Garden Creative
Director/Editor: Mike Slavens
Creative Director: Mike Ring
Director of Photography: Flynn Drew
Executive Producer: Kaylee King-Balentine

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