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  • Project Management

  • Writing/Concepting

  • Directing

  • Filming
  • Editing


Presented by ACE Brand, a National Geographic Explorer/Photographer/Writer will show us one of their favorite off-the-beaten-path places. The location should be lesser-known, but also be accessible to the whole family. The chosen talent will take us through why this place is so special, and encourage people to go there.


After an exhaustive search for a location that fits the brief, we landed on Moab, Utah for our location. National Geographic Photographer Amy Toensing was chosen by ACE and National Geographic as our talent. For these documentary-style pieces, we interviewed Amy about why Moab is so special to her and what makes it a great subject for photography. We then followed her on a day-long trip at two different locations around Moab.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Client: National Geographic Brand Studio

Garden Creative
Creative Director: Mike Ring
Director: JR Soldano
DP: Wes Johnson
Drone Operator: Brendan Medairy
Editor: Eric Gibson
Executive Producer: Kaylee King-Balentine
Producer: Harvey Guillen

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