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Beyond Watchmaking


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Partner with The New York Times’ T Brand Studio to create a three-part series highlighting Audemars Piguet’s art exhibition, Beyond Watchmaking, that opened in Tokyo in October 2019.


When considering our creative approach to these films, we thought it important to create an aesthetic that reflects the values of the brand and the philosophy behind the exhibition.

We were particularly interested in the space where heritage and tradition meets technology and innovation. Inspired also by the mechanical qualities of a watch, we decided to combine both digital and analog filmmaking.

We edited the B-Roll shots from Tokyo and our shots from the exhibition into a short sequence and during post-production filmed a projection of this sequence using a super 8 film camera. In films one and two, these shots were used largely as visually engaging transitional shots to take us from one sequence to another, creating a distinguishing visual motif that runs throughout our films.

In film 3, focusing exclusively on Ryoji Ikeda, we used this footage more explicitly as it conceptually tied in even further with his philosophy behind his work.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Client: T Brand Studio

Garden Creative
Creative Director: Mike Ring
Director: Murat Gökmen
DP: John Fisher (Paris, Tokyo), Andrew Petrilla (NY)
Editor: Andrew Petrilla
Executive Producer: Kaylee King-Balentine
Graphics: Scott Rinebold
Audio mix: Clean Cuts

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