The Chronicle of Higher Education

Vitae Recruiter


  • Producing

  • Project Management

  • Writing/Concepting

  • Illustration

  • Motion Graphics

  • Score Compostion


The Chronicle of Higher Education wanted to position its new product, Vitae Recruiter, as a unique resource to recruit both passive and active candidates in higher ed. This new tool was designed to streamline the recruiting process and save time for their customers. The ultimate goal of this piece was to convey the simplicity of this game-changing new product.


We developed this animated piece, showcasing the features of Vitae Recruiter, with a clean, abstract approach. We wanted to stand out from the competition, portray the product as easy to use, time-saving, and different.

Breaking It Down

We used a simple color palette and abstract design elements to build thought-provoking, idea-driven imagery to simply explain the features, and concepts of this new product. Instead of using voice over, we developed a script that could be designed into the piece.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Client: Chronicle for Higher Education

Garden Creative
Creative Director: Mike Ring
Writer: JR Soldano
Design / Animation: Mike Ring, Scott Rinebold
Music: Billy Lincoln
Sound: Silverlake Sounds
Producer: Nicole Wright

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