The Weather Channel

Forecast: Change


  • Producing

  • Development

  • Project Management

  • Writing

  • Filming

  • Editing

  • Motion Graphics


Climate change = water change. Forecast: Change is a Weather Channel initiative to bring awareness to the growing scarcity of fresh water and the growing risk to food supplies, the global economy, energy security and so on. They wanted to build a video series to run across all of their platforms focusing on what can be done, and how individuals can help.


Over a nine month period, we developed and executed a ten-part video series highlighting technical advancements in freshwater conservation around the world. The videos were formatted to work across social channels, a micro site and on-air. In addition to video production, we managed a team of writers and editors, producing 19 articles.

Breaking It Down

We researched countless companies, organizations and community efforts around the globe focusing on freshwater conservation. We wrote scripts, shot original footage, sourced additional footage from the companies and organizations featured in each piece and developed custom graphics and animation to create this series.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Client: Weather Channel / IBM

Garden Creative
Creative Director: Mike Ring
Cinematography: Mike Ring, Brendan Medairy
Writer: Paige Burger
Editor: Eric Gibson, Andrew Petrilla
Graphics / VFX: Scott Rinebold, Justin Wolfson
Executive Producer: Kaylee King-Balentine
Producer: Paige Burger

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